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Tui Na Deep Tissue Massage

Tui na deep tissue massage is a holistic, therapeutic, deep tissue massage based on the principles of Chinese medicine.

Tui na includes a variety of techniques to promote blood flow, break up scar tissue and speed healing. Tui na is very flexible, and I use it to resolve all sorts of problems, including those that you might seek sports massage, other styles of deep tissue massage, holistic massage or any other remedial therapeutic massage for.

Any pain or discomfort you experience is due to stagnation and imbalances in the body’s tissues; this is what we work with in Tui na. If your discomfort resides in the muscles and tendons, I use more deep tissue massage techniques to get the blood moving there; if you are experiencing more emotional stress I use more relaxing methods. When I balance out the circulation and relieve your stress, your body and mind can better deal with whatever is hampering it.

Massage boosts your immune system

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Tui na can be applied in a chair or on a massage couch. It is done through a light cloth, so you don’t need to remove any clothing. This gives us an even surface to apply our techniques, and means we don’t need to rub oils in to work.

I often combine Tui na and bodywork with acupuncture to enhance their effects. Tui na can be used alongside other treatments or therapies.

I have travelled to China to gain valuable experience learning from doctors practising in two hospitals in Hangzhou. Tui na is used in hospitals in China for a range of conditions, on its own and to speed recovery post-operations.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or for a free 15 minute consultation call 07538 065665.

Deep Tissue Massage. Cups

Cupping: dry cupping and sliding cupping

What is cupping?

Cupping is the placing of suction cups on muscles, to draw toxins from inside tired or tight muscles to below the surface of the skin. Once in the superficial circulation it is much easier for your body to eliminate toxins. Cupping can also draw fresh, oxygenated blood into the areas that have been stagnant or stuck.

People who have received cupping often ask for it again, having found it very beneficial; it is a fantastic way of relieving tired and tight muscles.

Dry cupping is suction or vacuum cupping. I normally leave static cups on areas of pain for 5-10 minutes to enable them to have their full effects. There are methods for using cupping techniques to draw blood from the body; I do not practise this style of cupping.

Sliding cupping is applying oil to the area to be cupped; once the cup is applied with sufficient suction, we slide the cup up and down to lift the muscles over a wide area. It has a similar effect to static cupping, but for covering a wider area and being generally more of a moving technique.

Cupping may create marks on the skin under the area the cups are applied to. These marks can vary from pink or red, to purple or black, depending on the level of stagnation in a muscle. Cup marks normally disappear after a few days, depending on how much stagnation they have cleared; the affected area should still feel freer after the marks have gone.

Deep Tissue Massage. abdominal pain

Abdominal massage

Abdominal massage is a method of directly affecting the organs and soft tissues below the ribs, the organs primarily associated with digestion and fertility, but which have an affect on all of your physical processes.

This style of massage is about freeing tissues up so that a balance is restored, a natural flow. It can have a profound impact on your experience of life.

We literally are what we eat. The state of your digestion is therefore not only important in terms of your experience of life in the short term, but how your body functions and feels overall throughout your life. If you regularly experience discomfort, constipation, bloating, or any other digestive discomfort, abdominal massage is a means of directly dissipating these problems.

This style of massage can also be used to ease the breathing, which can make you calmer and have a positive knock-on effect on the abdomen. The movement of the lungs is one of the rhythms that that opens and closes the spaces in the body, and helps circulation at multiple levels. When the breath is not stuck in the chest, but able to expand to its full extent throughout the abdomen, it can help to relieve a sense of stuckness, and relieves the heart from having to strain to deliver blood everywhere that needs it.

In treatment, I use a combination of back and abdominal massage to balance both the circulation throughout the whole of the lower abdomen. These areas work in harmony, and expand and contract together. I consider it important to therefore look at whether there are areas of tightness in both.

If you would like to find out more about this style of massage, or have any questions at all, please contact me.

Tui Na video

I haven't yet got a video of myself practising Tui na; this is a video of Errol Lynch, one of my Tui na teachers, carrying out a short treatment.

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